Thursday, November 23, 2006

TV journal #4

I'm Piper. Yesterday evening I had a flat on my car. I tried to call Phoebe with my cell phone, but my battery was low so I went to a phone box in a little park. I was attacked by a monster who looked like a werewolf. He tried to kill me, but a guy scared yhe monster so he had just the time to scratch me. The guy name Billy went with me to the hospital where Prue and Phoebe joined me. There I met the officer Falen, a woman of the FBI. She told us that she had tried to capture the creature since two months. After I went home and started to search in the Book of Shadow to find what the creature was. I found that it was a Wendigo. During the day the Wendigo looks like a normal preson. He changes himself only during the three faces of the full moon. And I found that the scratch started to change me in to a Wendigo. Billy went to see Officer Falen to tell her what I found on the Wendigo, but when Billy saw Falen, he discovered that Falen was the Wendigo, so she killed him. The next evening it was the last night for the full moon until next mounth. So prue and Phoebe went to kill the Wendigo before she killed someone else and because it was the only way to stop my transformation. After they killed the Wendigo, I returned to a normal person and I prepared myself for the next adventure.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

TV journal #2

In the last show, the threee Halliwell's sisters decided to not use their magic before they knew how to use their power as well. For Phoebe it was difficult because she met an attractive man and she used her power to see the future. His name was Stephan and he was a photographer from New-Yorkbut in reality he was Javna, a demon who killed beatiful young women to keep his eternal youthfulness. But Phoebe didn't see that in her premonirion so she accepted his invitation. Prue met an old woman that looks confused. She noticed a tatoo that the old woman had on her arm and she understood that this old woman was her friend. She brought back her friend to the Halliwell's house and with Piper they looked for the demon who did that in the book of Shadows. This book explained how to vainquish demons and warlocks. They found it and they found too that it was the man that Phoebe was with. Thay went to help Phobe and with the power of three they said a spell and vanquished the demon. Everything was back to normal.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

TV Journal

I choose theTV show ''Charmed'' because when I watch this show I can forget my daily life and enter in a magical world. In the first episodes we meet the three Halliwell sisters. There's the older sister Prue, then Piper and the youngest Phoebe. They learn that they are witches. But not just any witches, the most powerfull witches in the world. Piper has the power to freeze time, Prue can move objects with her mind and Phoebe has premonitions. Together they are the Charmed ones. They have the power of three and they have to learn to fight any kind of warlocks and demons. In this show we can see the Halliwell sisters trying to share their normal life with their magical life.